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Wax Effigy Poppet Kit

Wax Effigy Poppet Kit

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For Cursing or Healing. Comes with pins. 
A curse is a spell intended to bring misfortune, illness, or harm to a victim.

The most common form of cursing is with a figure representing the Victim. Wax effigies have been found from ancient times in India, Egypt, Africa Europe and Britain. Other effigies have been uncovered and made from clay, wood or cloth. In modern times effigies can include photos, brought dolls and “collected” items of clothing. As these items are usually ritually burned many do not survive and so it’s incredible we have found any at all!

this kit includes a hand dipped beeswax poppet based on Old British Witchcraft practises. 

Weight: 80 grams 

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