Muses of Mystery offer in person Tarot and Intuitive readings. Drop in or book a session in advance to find out what the future holds for you.

Melbourne Muses

Reader & Healer


Tehani is a working witch and healer. She offers intuitive guidance from spirit through tarot reading and reiki/shamanic healings in order to embrace positive change and spiritual transformation.

She is also an initiated priestess and a teacher/workshop facilitator at Muses of Mystery teaching many subjects related to European Witchcraft, self healing and empowerment.

Tehani is available for in person tarot readings and reiki/shamanic healings at the Melbourne city store. Booking is essential.

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Dr. Caroline Tully

Caroline is a modern witch who studies ancient pagan religions. Through her tarot readings she provides guidance from the realm of the invisibles in order to help clients investigate their desires, make choices, create ways to move forward, and embrace personal transformation.

Caroline is a regular workshop facilitator on a range of magickal subjects, and is also a Doctor of Philosophy with a background in archaeology.

Dr Caroline is Available for readings at our Melbourne Store.

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Sarah is a pagan and witch with over 18 years tarot reading experience. She is drawn to all things ancient and mystical and specialises in the tarot, pendulum divination, spell work and astrology.

Sarah works with various goddesses within her practice to assist her in seeing beyond the veil and guiding others on their personal path.

She enjoys utilising the tarot to provide wisdom and insight into people's lives so that they may grow and progress through life's many lessons.

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Muse, Traditional Witch & Reiki Master

Euphemia (Vikkhi)

Euphemia welcomes you with her uplifting energy to the world of Muses of Mystery. As an elder, she gently offers Crone Wisdom, Tarot & Intuitive readings, Spiritual Counselling, Palmistry, Crystal Ball Scrying, Reiki & Shamanic Witch healings. As a teacher, she facilitates regular Occult Workshops on a wide range of subjects to empower & inspire.

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Carly Morrison is an eclectic witch who has been reading tarot and practicing magic for over 35 years since the age of 13. Carly also offers charm board readings and reiki healings as she is a qualified reiki grandmaster. Carly has also been initiated into the lineage of the seven rays from the shamans of the Andes and is a sacred cacao ceremonialist. She also works with the goddesses yemaya. As well as a life path astrologer and hypnosis therapist. Created Astrohypno combining your life path astrology with hypnosis.

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