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Tourmaline Chunk Raw

Tourmaline Chunk Raw

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Protects you from negative energies. This stone transmutes negative energies of all kinds, including negative thoughts, negative feelings, or negative environments.

Absorbs negative energy. This stone absorbs negative energy and psychic attacks that are directed towards you, and sends that energy back to the sender (talk about being a karma stone).

Shields you from harmful electromagnetic radiation. It shields you by emitting a small electric current that protects you from electromagnetic radiation from TVs, computers and mobile phones.

Strengthens your immunity. This stone’s vibration sends supportive energy into your organs, improving circulation, and eliminating toxic heavy metals from your system. Think of this stone as an overall boost to your metabolism, helping your body operate smoothly.

Relieves stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can sometimes result from a toxic build up of particles in your system, so as this stone detoxifies you, it also works to heal your body-mind connection. As the stone promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual detoxification, you will sleep more soundly, be more alert, and feel more revived and rejuvenated.

Grounds your energetic body. This stone is strongly associated with root chakra, but it also works to balance and clear all of your chakras. Black Tourmaline grounds your energy on a deep level—helping you with areas of your home, foundation, and finances. With all of that good energy pouring in, you’ll feel a huge boost in confidence!
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