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The Changeling: From Winter, Spring is Born - Ly de Angeles (SECONDHAND)

The Changeling: From Winter, Spring is Born - Ly de Angeles (SECONDHAND)

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They will pass you on the street and you’d perhaps cross the road. Afraid without knowing why. Faeries, like manitou, like a snowstorm, manifest in many forms because of what, about earth and forest, ocean and fen, is unintelligent? Cannot camouflage?

MERCY RILEY, odd, initially institutionalised, is now a woman with a seemingly compassionless ability to kill. She is not what she appears. 

RAVEN, is lost on the wrong side of town, isn’t he?

HUNTER, an ancient forest appearing as a man — can they forgive?

The root of the word faerie or faidh is hidden deep in the soil of other words, including fear. 

fourth in the award-winning Traveler Series, de Angeles charts plot twists, and possibilities that disturb the mind. All real. But. Define real?

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