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The Book of the Hand - Paul Hamlyn (Second Hand)

The Book of the Hand - Paul Hamlyn (Second Hand)

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SECOND HAND - Collectable. 1965 with dust cover 

The hand has been described as the mirror to the human soul. From the very beginning of history man has attempted to grasp through its form and surface the meaning of his own individual character and destiny. Palmistry has two faces – one which is intuitive in character and another which is rooted in a scientific approach. The first type of palmistry uses the hand as a spring-board for intuitive judgements, and predictions of future events and character analyses are made, usually without real understanding, purely by virtue of an intuitive 'feeling' for the hand. The second type of palmistry is concerned with making judgements concerning character and future by the way of a systematic analysis of the signs and portents in the hand. The one method is concerned with emotional understanding, the second with intellectual understanding. The method advocated by Mr. Gettings consists of an amalgam of both these approaches for, whilst admitting the importance of a systematic approach to the study of the hand, Mr. Gettings insists that true palmistry, like medicine, must be essentially a matter for intuitive judgements. Palmistry is more of an art than a science. This authoritative, well designed book presents a new system of palmistry in a visually exciting and intellectually stimulating way. The text is divided into three sections, each of which contributes something new to the study of palmistry. The first section makes a completely original contribution to the study, for the author has classified the different hand forms into eight types which bear a distinct relationship to the theory behind astrology. The book is profusely illustrated with prints from old books and documents dealing with palmistry and with photographs and palm prints selected from Mr. Gettings' collection.


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