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Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils

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Blended oils for various workings.

Handmade by the Muses of Muses of Mystery.

50ml bottles with a dropper for easy application.

Weight: 105g

PROTECTION: Anoint your hands, heart, temples & candles to feel the protective energies surround you. 

FLOWERS OF DESIRE: Anoint you heart, sacral point & red candles to attract love and passion towards you.

FOLLOW ME SOUTHERN BELLE: Anoint your pulse points & candles. A traditional southern american style oil to attact a lover with money and prosperity.

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT: Anoint your pulse points, heart & red candles. Visualise yourself as alluring and attracting to a potential love. Use also to dedicate spells and devotional work to dark goddess Lilith. 

FAST MONEY: Anoint your solar plexus, heart, wallet, notes & candles to attract money and abundance to you or your workplace. 

ROAD OPENER: Anoint your hands, heart & candles to aid in opening new doors, clear pathways and create new opportunities. Use in any situations you feel stuck, challenged or blocked.

VAN VAN: Anoint yourself & candles. A traditional Louisiana recipe for banishing and clearing evil. To purify or to prepare for ritual. To turn around bad luck in money or business. 

GRIEF SUPPORT:  Anoint your heart to provide support through grief, knowing that even without closure we can work through grief. Anoint a white candle in honour of all who have passed through the veil. 

SELF LOVE: Anoint your heart & candles. Use in self love rituals or as an empowerment oil to encourage loving energy.

CROWN OF SUCCESS: Anoint your solar plexus and heart before exams, interviews or any instance that requires a successful result, and to allow success into your life. 

RITUAL: An all round ritual oil for use in ritual and spell work. Anoint ritual tools, spells and altars. 

WITCHES FLYING:  Anoint your pulse points & forehead to promote safe astral travel. 

SLEEP POTION: Anoint temples & candles to aid in a restful sleep.

HAPPINESS SHINES: Anoint your pulse points & yellow candles. Use this oil to brighten the mood of your home, work space and self. Brings optimism and happiness. 

HEKATE OF THE CROSSROADS: Anoint candles of items of association to invoke the powers of Hekate, Queen of the Witches, Goddess of the Crossroads & Keeper of the Keys.

CERNUNNOS: Anoint green or brown candles, and visualise bringing in the strength and motivation of the god Cernunnos. Connect to wildness of nature.

ODIN: Anoint candles and items of association to invoke the strength and wisdoms of the Norse Allfather, Odin.


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Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box is a Seasonal subscription box specially designed for the Southern Hemisphere & include everything required for a dedicated ritual to celebrate the turn of the Wheel through the Seasons.