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Tea Towel - The Coven Series *

Tea Towel - The Coven Series *

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Under the full Moon, 3 witches are weaving their magic. Each one crafting a unique blend, come and be part of the Coven!

Shakti, Esmeray and Freyja are beckoning you into their sisterhood, inviting you to recall your own creative power and infuse each daily moment with magic and mindfulness.


Choose from 4 designs, mix and match to create your favourite sets! Each towel comes in 2 colour options, white and beige.

☾ ‘Shakti’, named after the Hindu Goddess of creative energy.

☾ ‘Esmeray’, meaning ‘Dark Moon’ (Turkish)

‘Freyja’, after the Norse Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

☾ ‘Coven’

Product Specifications:

  • Printed in Melbourne on Certified Organic Cotton

  • Using water-based inks that meet organic standard

  • Size 72cm x 48cm (approx.)

  • Hanging loop

  • Machine washable

Made in Australia by Just Call Me Cat 

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