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Hell Money Bundle

Hell Money Bundle

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Chinese Tradition: Joss paper or hell money. Joss paper money being burnt near a grave along with joss Yuanbao (good luck coins). Hell money is a form of joss paper printed to resemble legal tender bank notes. The notes are not an official form or recognised currency or legal tender since their sole intended purpose is to be burnt as an offering to the deceased as a superstitious solution to resolve their ancestors' financial problems. This custom has been practiced by modern Chinese and across East Asia since the late 19th century. 

Witchcraft Tradition: Burn as an offering to the Mighty Dead in ceremony to call back the ancestor or other necromancy rituals as Reddening the Bones. Breathe your intention into the paper then carefully light from your ritual candle and throw into a fireproof container such as an iron cauldron. To ensure the mighty dead are well looked after, burn Hell money offerings to the deceased to resolve any monetary problems and ensure a debt free existence in the after life.

 10 Sheets per bundle 

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