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Heart Protection Poppet/Boogity

Heart Protection Poppet/Boogity

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Poppets represent people for use in sympathetic magic spells. You may also chose to use the poppet to represent an idea or a situation. They can also be used as an amulet to attract what you want into your life. 
talk to your poppet and ask for its assistance in mending a broken heart. It may help you with healing from trauma and betrayal. 
whisper your secrete desires, share your sadness & disappointment to it each night before bed for 10 nights to transfer that angst to the doll and give you a goods night sleep.
the poppet may be reawakened and interacted with like a servitor. 
leave the poppet in the sun to burn away your troubles.

after you have recovered and are able to move through your new life adjustment, take the doll apart. Burry it.

return it to the earth away from your property. Thank it for its role in your healing.

Height:  17cm approx. Each doll varies 

Made from natural yarn. 

Made in Australia by the Muses of Mystery.

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Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box is a Seasonal subscription box specially designed for the Southern Hemisphere & include everything required for a dedicated ritual to celebrate the turn of the Wheel through the Seasons.