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Dressed Tea Lights - Pack

Dressed Tea Lights - Pack

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Small tea lights filled with magickal herbs and enchanted for a quick and convenient spell casting. 

Come to Me (Red) - Love and attraction.

Psychic Enhancement (Purple) - Burn to create enhance psychic connections.

Protection (Black) - To create a protected space or home after cleansing. 

Self love (Pink) - Burn for times of self care. 

Fast Money (Green) - Bring money and prosperity into your life. 

Uncrossing (Black) - Remove unwanted energies.

Healing (Blue) - Burn in times when you are recovering from sickness or emotional recovery. 

Happiness Shines (Yellow) - Bring some fun and happiness into your life. 

Crown of Success (Orange) - Burn to bring in success for a project in your life.

Persephone (pink) - Honour the goddess Persephone.  

Size: 6 dressed tea lights in each packet. Each tea light is a 4 hr burn. 

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