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Amanita Muscaria - Curio Bottle

Amanita Muscaria - Curio Bottle

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Also known as "fly agaric," amanita mushrooms boast a unique cap and stem structure.

Amanita muscaria has been historically associated with several indigenous and traditional religious practices with a primary intersection around the concept of “soma” - which was essentially a “drink of the gods.”

There is speculation that Amanita muscaria played a role in Norse mythology in relation to the god Odin where some theories suggest that the mythical drink "Soma" mentioned in ancient Norse texts could be fly agaric. Indigenous cultures of Siberia have also used Amanita muscaria in their shamanic rituals as it was believed to facilitate communication with spirits. Even one of the oldest texts in Hinduism, The Rigveda, references Soma with some scholars believing it to be the same mushroom.

Use as an offering to the aligned deity and purpose.

Disclaimer: Considered a baneful fungi and not to consume. This is a curio and specimen product for decorative uses only. 


Origin: Australia 

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