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Camphor - Packet

Camphor - Packet

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Powers: Chastity, healing, divination, protection & purification.

Spiritually, camphor is very healing. It can give you a sense of liberation from your obligations. Camphor can also uplift the mood, especially to a higher, more spiritual vibration.

Camphor is especially useful for dispelling negativity, fear and cowardice. Associated with the warrior angels, Camphor can banish timidity and fearfulness. Camphor is useful when going into stressful situations or conflicts. Use when going into battle—whether it’s a physical fight or another kind of challenge competing against others.

Camphor is classically used for spiritual cleansing and purification. If intrusive energies or harmful entities are attaching to you, Camphor can eliminate such forces from your life and cleanse your aura.

These qualities combine to make Camphor very useful for protection as well. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation or in the midst of perilous travels, a few drops of Camphor oil on your clothes can create a protective shield around you.

Camphor can be used to purify objects and tools as well, especially for items and power objects that are used in ritual magic. A few drops of Camphor oil on a power object can imbue with a protective and purifying capability.

Size: 10 grams


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Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box is a Seasonal subscription box specially designed for the Southern Hemisphere & include everything required for a dedicated ritual to celebrate the turn of the Wheel through the Seasons.