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Bounded in a Nutshell : Lockdown, Magic and Infinite Space - Val Thomas

Bounded in a Nutshell : Lockdown, Magic and Infinite Space - Val Thomas

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Bounded in a Nutshell: Lockdown, Magic and Infinite Space is a magical diary of the Covid-19 pandemic, covering 2020 to 2022. Written at the time, as events unfolded worldwide, it charts the various lockdowns from the perspective of a witch drawing on her magical training and experience to cope with the situation, to protect, as far as possible, herself and her community, to learn from the situation and to seek guidance for the future. While largely confined to home, just like the rest of the population, the author embraces the present, yet travels in time and space by working with magical memories, history, folklore, fiction, plant knowledge and enchantments of various kinds. Thus, the diary offers a heady blend of observations, stories, spells, recipes, ritual and personal insights. It is one witch’s personal account of an extraordinary time, but it also shows the importance of the magical community, both locally and internationally, and how much can be achieved when practitioners pool their power and intention to work for a common end. We can be bounded in a nutshell physically, but there is no limit to how far our minds can travel and the enchantment we can bring to our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Length: 23.5cm
Width: 15.5cm 

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