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Aos Sidhe - Meeting the Irish Fair Folk - Morgan Daimler

Aos Sidhe - Meeting the Irish Fair Folk - Morgan Daimler

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An introduction to the Aos Sidhe, the People of the fairy mounds, and to Irish fairy beliefs, this book takes readers on a journey to understand the place that fairies have had in Ireland across the millennia and into today. These beings can be found playing roles both significant and subtle in folk belief and their stories are part of the land itself, making them an intrinsic aspect of Ireland. And yet for those who haven't grown up with these beliefs there can be many misunderstandings and confusion surrounding who they are, and what they can do. /Pagan Portals - Aos Sidhe/ will help people new to the subject, as well as those with a wider knowledge, to understand the range and depth of the folk beliefs. Covering everything from myth and folklore to modern anecdotes and specific types of Irish fairies, this book provides a solid understanding of what can be a difficult subject.

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