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Hag Stone and Key Protection Charm

Hag Stone and Key Protection Charm

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Holed stones large and small have been used for all kinds of magical purposes by the different cultures who find them. The charm of a holed stone or stones tied to a key is mainly found in Europe but especially the UK and also France and Italy. In the UK it was used as a protection charm as the locals believed that by tying their front door key or the stable door key to a hole stone they would protect the building it hung upon.

Holed stones are also used in folk magic to look through the hold in order to see spirits – either souls of the dead, nature spirits.

In Italy both the holed stone and key are symbols of Diana, known to the Greeks as Artemis. She is both goddess of and protectress of witches. The holed stone itself is supposed to protect from black magic and curses and also nightmares or magical attack when sleeping.

Various lengths 15-20cm 

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