Hag Stone Meaning

Old World Protection Charm - The Hag Stone and the Key

A hag stone is a naturally formed rock that has a hole in it. These stones are used to ward off the dead, the evil eye, ill will witches, sickness and nightmares from the night hag. The hole acts as a portal to other worlds and a way to control the travelling between. 

They are hung in doorways and windows and often used to peer through to see what things really are. When holding up and peering through on a person and thing, the true shape may be revealed. Often the fae world can be looked at through this hole also. It can be a useful magickal tool so that you can be ready for what is trying to get in to your energy field or space. If you attach a key to the stone, you can put the key in the hole and close it shut from the other worlds and keep yourself protected. 

Experienced practitioners might use a hag stone to bend the fae to its will by trapping it in the stone until released. There they can command it to their bidding. 

You can wear this stone for everyday protection. If you suffer from rheumatic pain. Just place this stone under the mattress to alleviate the pain and symptoms.

Hag Stone Meaning

It is said that you can also throw a hex by placing the stone somewhere your enemy can find it and when they look into the hole they are transported to another realm and out of your hair. Byeeeee!

Nevertheless, the lore is fascinating and finding a hag stone on the beach is always a lucky occasion. The waves have worked their magic and created something so that you may find it. 

At Muses of Mystery, our witches construct and bless our hag stone and key charms so that they are ready to go to work right away. You can also purchase separately a hag stone and antique key that has opened something and make it your own. 

Simple folk magick is often the best and the hag stone and key is not only practical in looking it looks magickal. Find where to purchase your charm here 


By Tehani 



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