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Triple Moon Earrings*

Triple Moon Earrings*

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"Hekate, as the three-formed Goddess within herself, is the primal shapeshifter, moving from one form to another, changing her appearance and personality. She is Anima Mundi, soul of the world, who presents herself as whatever archetype is needed by her beholder. She is the guardian for our Under World journey of healing the body and integrating the shadow and soul. She is our guide as we walk the Middle World of everyday life, and she is the mistress of the Starry Road, who was born of the stars and darkness of the Upper World." - Excerpt from the 'Keeping Her Keys' blog.

These earring represent the goddess Hecate in her threefold form. The number 3 is very special to me and features quite heavily in my jewellery as a nod to Hecate, as well as representing the phases of the moon - waxing, full and waning; the cycles of life - life, death, rebirth; planting cycles - planting a seed, growth, harvest; all of which are interconnected.

These earrings have a bit of weight to them, weighing in at 10g each.

These earrings have been oxidised to bring out the textured surfaces. Sterling silver may further oxidise over time due to the skin's natural oils.

Made in Australia by Hex Arcana 


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