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Tree Agate Tumble Stone

Tree Agate Tumble Stone

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Tree Agate is a very calming stone that helps you to release any stress or anxiety that you are holding and ‘breath out, release and connect to the moment you are in. Tree Agate like all stones that have contrasting colours allows you to see the different side of things or a different perspective of any situation. It has a very strong bond with nature and while working with it you will find a great understanding of all that surrounds you and how you can best help to heal the planet that we live on. It will also help to connect you to nature spirits and allow you to see the beauty around you through their eyes and understanding. It has a very deep healing earth energy and for those that work on earth healing, it allows you to help to mend any geopathic stress by bringing through a calming energy.


Tree Agate is an abundance stone that allows you to connect and understand the cycle that we all go through and use what is naturally around you so that you can progress at a quicker and yet more peaceful rate in order to achieve all you desire and bring it into your life fully. Tree Agate is a very nurturing stone for a parent to use as it allows you to have more patience and a better understanding and a deeper connection with your child/children.

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