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Tea Blends by The Urban Cottage *

Tea Blends by The Urban Cottage *

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COTTAGE MORNING - Aromatic I Zesty I Uplifting (40g)

Whether you're starting your day with a moment of tranquillity or seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, Cottage Morning is the perfect blend for embracing the day ahead. Made with an antioxidant rich, all Australian grown combination of rainforest black tea, citrusy lemon myrtle and lemon thyme, and smooth vanilla, this is the morning style tea you could drink all day.

EASE - Aromatic I Medicinal I Refreshing (40G)

Find soothing respite in the face of cold and flu season with the host of immune-strengthening ingredients this loose leaf tea provides. EASE alleviates symptoms and offers a calming, caffeine-free cup of herbal decongestant. Curl up and relax with this revitalizing blend. Relief is just a sip away. 

Use EASE loose leaf blend as a decongesting, oil balancing and cleansing facial steam.

SOOTHSAYER  - Euphoric I Calming I Relaxing (25g)

Unlock the secrets of the unknown with SOOTHSAYER. This powerful blend of visionary herbs provides a deliciously mild high to bring you into the perfect state for lucid dreaming, and accessing prophetic spiritual insight. Soothe your anxiety and stomach complaints while drifting off to a restful sleep, or receive the answers you seek in divination practice. What will you discover? 

SOURCE - Balancing I Relieving I Soothing (25g)

A deliciously floral, sweet, lemony herbal blend with a mesmerizing pink hue. Packed with antioxidants and natural pain relief, SOURCE is the blend of blends to restore balance and ease moontime discomforts. 

Bronze winner in category Tea - Wellbeing of The Clean + Conscious Awards, 2022

TONIC- Calming I Restoring I Nourishing (25g) 

It’s true when they say you cannot pour from an empty cup. Restore your exhausted mind with our deeply nourishing, stress reducing loose leaf tonic. A nurturer of the burnt out and the anxious.

“Tonic tastes like self-care” - Kirra

Silver winner in category Tea - Relax of The Clean + Conscious Awards, 2022

WINTERING - Spiced I Warming I Grounding (100g)

A warming, spiced tonic fit for cold winter nights, crackling fires, lap blankets and good conversation. Spices perfectly blended to aid with digestion and stoke your inner fire, with nutty, coffee-like flavours of wattleseed and barley, without the caffeine buzz.

Made in Australia by The Urban Cottage 


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