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Surtr's Flame Candle/Small - Fire & Blood *

Surtr's Flame Candle/Small - Fire & Blood *

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Indulge in the captivating fragrance of Fire & Blood, a stunning blend of warm and alluring scents. The aroma of amber, incense and patchouli create a sophisticated and complex scent that lingers in the air. With top notes of pomelo and orange zest, mid notes of dragon fruit and fruit punch accord, and base notes of vanilla, amber and patchouli, this candle is truly unique. The candle is encased in a red, orange and silver dragon scale vessel and the custom deep blood red wax and Garnet adds to the mysterious and alluring aura. Let Fire & Blood transport you to the height of Westeros glory and immerse yourself in this mesmerizing fragrance.

Top notes: Pomelo, orange zest
Mid notes: Dragonfruit, fruit punch accord
Base notes: Vanilla, amber, patchouli

Adorned with scatterings of -GARNET

Approx. burn time- 35-40 hrs

** Due to being hand made each batch may have small differences, please allow for this and differences in screen resolutions for slight variations in colour**


 In Norse mythology, Surt was a fire demon or fire giant who ruled in the fiery wilderness called Muspelheim. Surt was the guardian of Muspelheim. He stood at the border, brandishing a flaming sword. At the time of Ragnarok, the end of the world, Surt was destined to lead the fire giants into battle against the gods.

Made in Australia by Viking and the Witch 

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