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Strawberry Obsidian

Strawberry Obsidian

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Strawberry Obsidian is a man-made stone to “Balances Yin and Yang Energy”, can stimulates Root Chakra and therefore, our physical energy validates our self-worth. Grounds us and allow us to stand up to fear and face anxiety.

This Strawberry Obsidian allows for our dominate qualities to awake as it balances our male and female energies. 

Metaphysical Properties:

  • If consciously directed, Strawberry Obsidian opens doors to desirable and boundless opportunities.
  • Strawberry Obsidian very useful for the delicate stages after any illness when one needs rest to heal and re-energise, in order to get back day to day normality.
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Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box is a Seasonal subscription box specially designed for the Southern Hemisphere & include everything required for a dedicated ritual to celebrate the turn of the Wheel through the Seasons.