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Serpentine talisman *

Serpentine talisman *

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The 'Serpentium' talisman has been crafted with with a hand stamped wax seal and a hand carved serpent entwined around it. This is an image that has been haunting my mind and dreams and had to take on a physical form. The pentacle in the Tarot suits is associated with the element of Earth, prosperity, abundance and the material plane, well as new beginnings. The serpent is also something I associate with shedding ones skin and new beginnings, appropriate themes for the Scorpio Full Moon this piece is being released on. May you shed what no longer serves you, and instead find prosperity, growth and abundance on your path.

This pendant measures 4.5cm in length, including the bail, and is hung upon a 55cm sterling silver fine figaro chain. 

This talisman has been oxidised to bring out the textured surfaces. Sterling silver may further oxidise over time due to the skin's natural oils.

Made in Australia by Hex Arcana.

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