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Pentacle Seal talisman *

Pentacle Seal talisman *

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The 'Pentacle' talisman has been hand stamped in molten wax using a wax seal to create an organic shaped talisman celebrating the earthly element of the four Tarot suits - Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Inspired by the Ace of Pentacles card, this talisman is a harbinger of new beginnings and to be used as a personal tool for prosperity and manifestation.

The talisman comes with a removable patterned bail and is hung upon a 50cm fine figaro chain, both made in sterling silver. The pendant measures 3cm, and is 4cm in length including the bail. *NOTE* Each of these talismans will be hand stamped upon ordering so the wax forms surrounding the seal itself will slightly vary with each order. 

This talisman has been oxidised to bring out the textured surfaces. Sterling silver may further oxidise over time due to the skin's natural oils. 

Made in Australia by Hex Arcana 

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