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Ostara Statue

Ostara Statue

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Ostara, also known as Eostre, is a Germanic tulpa that embodies the holiday of Easter. She was worshiped in ancient times with offerings like rabbits, eggs and hares. Ostara is one of the most powerful Tulpas of all, being as powerful as Santa Claus, being able to destroy tulpas that pose a threat to humanity like Zalgo with a mere snap of her fingers. The reason for this is that unlike most Tulpas who weakened as humanity considered them mere legends and folklore, Ostara continued to gain more and more power, getting insanely stronger compared to his original power from before Jesus' resurrection, since as all Christians all over the world celebrate Easter, and besides them, even atheists or people of other religions celebrate Easter, all this indirect faith goes to Ostara.

Height: 25.5cm
Width: 9cm

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