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Loose Incense Blends

Loose Incense Blends

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An original selection of handcrafted incense blends created in ritual and enchanted for all occasions. 

Cemetery Gates - Burn on a self igniting charcoal disc to connect with Ancestors and Loved Ones. 

Cornish Piskie - Burn on a self igniting charcoal disc to invoke a playful and sweet scent to entice the free and mischevious spirit of a cornish piskie.

Deep Forest - Burn Forest incense to invoke the power & wisdom of the Druid. Work with the Sacred Masculine energies of the forest to empower, action and brighten your life. 

Emerald Faery -  Burn on a self igniting charcoal to enhance psychic ability and call forth the faery realm.

Good Business - Burn Good Business Incense on a self igniting charcoal disc to attract customers into your business.  This incense helps clear negative energies and blocks to success and prosperity. Open doors and windows and 'Sweep' old stagnant energies, allowing new fresh energies to replace them for good. 

Gruss Von Krampus - Burn on a self igniting charcoal disc in honour of the Krampus during the festive season. 

Horned God - Burn on a self igniting charcoal disc to invoke the Celtic horned god for strength over mind and body. Aids Grounding and empowering.

Sorcerer of Love - Add a pinch of sorcerer of love to a self - igniting charcoal round. Allow the warm scented smoke to gently envelope you. Breathe deeply and allow feelings of love and self love to release and burn away self doubt.

Scrying Incense - Burn a pinch in a self igniting charcoal dish and wait for the smoke to rise and unfurl. Un focus your eyes and stare into the rising smoke to unlock secret symbols & messages whilst scrying. Allow the smoke to relax and place you in a medative state opening your natural psychic abilities whilst scrying with other tools such as a crystal, black mirror or bowl of moon water. 

Samhain Beyond the Veil - Burn on a self igniting charcoal disc during the sabbat of Samhain. Connect to those ancestors and friends who have passed through the veil. 

Size - 10 grams 

Made in Australia by Muses of Mystery

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Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box is a Seasonal subscription box specially designed for the Southern Hemisphere & include everything required for a dedicated ritual to celebrate the turn of the Wheel through the Seasons.