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Lilith Talisman *

Lilith Talisman *

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This necklace features a hand carved Lilith talisman, cast in sterling silver using the lost wax casting method. Both revered and feared, the goddess Lilith has long been associated with the dark feminine as well as symbols such as the owl, serpent, tree, and dark moon. Translations of her name are varied and range from ‘screech owl’, 'laylah' which is 'darkness' or 'night' in Hebrew, to 'lilitu' which is said to be the Babylonian word for ‘evil night-spirit.’

The pendant sits upon a 55cm sterling silver oval chain.

This necklace has been oxidised to bring out the textured surfaces. Sterling silver may further oxidise over time due to the skin's natural oils. 

Made in Australia by Hex Arcana 

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