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June 15: Dark Mother Lilith - Exploring Orgins and Practice

June 15: Dark Mother Lilith - Exploring Orgins and Practice

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When: Saturday, 15th June, 2024

Where: Muses of Mystery (in person) 

Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm 

Fee: $70.-

Lilith is known by many names and archetypes, but one thing she is not,  is a victim. Explore the origin of the story of Lilith and her many guises, that have evolved since the beginning of time, according to the Abramelic traditions. 

In this workshop,  we will look at the lore of Lilith and explore ways to honour and connect to Lilith through magick and visualisation. 

About your presenter: Tehani

Tehani is a working witch and healer and a co-founder of Muses of Mystery. She offers intuitive guidance from spirit through tarot reading and reiki/shamanic healings in order to embrace positive change and spiritual transformation.

She is also an initiated priestess and a teacher/workshop facilitator at Muses of Mystery teaching many subjects related to European Witchcraft, Norse magick, left hand path practices, self healing and empowerment.

Please Note: 

Booking is essential. Please book in store or online

No refunds or credit notes for non attendance.
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