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Feb 24: Working with the Dark Goddesses

Feb 24: Working with the Dark Goddesses

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When: Saturday, 24th February, 2024

Where: Muses of Mystery

Time: 11.00 am - 1.30 pm 

Fee: $65.- 

As the Wheel turns further into the Dark part of the Year, it is time to dig deeper into ourselves. The dark goddesses of myth and legend may strike fear in the hearts of some. But for those with the courage to walk their path, they offer a powerful path to self-realisation. As a foil to the 'love and light' world of spirituality and self-development, the dark goddesses lead us to challenging places of deep healing, transformation and initiation. This workshop teaches us to embrace our shadow aspect and integrate our shadow self into the light. We will discuss and explore the world’s many dark goddesses through story, ritual, meditation and spellwork, including Hekate (Greek) Lilith (Mesopotamia & Jewish), Kali (Hindu), the Morrighan (Celtic), Pompa Gira (Brazilian), Sekhmet (Egyptian), Madame Brigitte (Hoodou).

About your Presenter: - Euphemia Blackthorne

Euphemia Blackthorne is a co-founder of the Muses of Mystery and a practising shamanic witch and seer. She follows her personal left hand path of passion and magick; a potent blend of Celtic, Norse, Cornish & Chinese traditional practices.

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