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Custom Candle Spell Service

Custom Candle Spell Service

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A Complex Candle Spell is a completely bespoke service performed by the witches of Muses of Mystery with each element of the candle spell designed specifically for your intentions. 

Crown of Success/Good Luck - Crown of Success/Good Luck spells are used to to enhance, turn luck around and be granted the best outcome of a situation. This could be in scholarly pursuits, legal issues, issues of the home, prosperity, winning in a matter. 

Money Drawing & Prosperity - Money Drawing & Prosperity spells are a mainstay in our lives. In this ritual we will clear any money or poverty blockages and move forward with a money drawing working. Various deities and other tools may be used to enhance any drawing in or energy. Feel free to add a realistic monetary amount to your petition especially when working on a situation. 

Healing - Healing spells are a gentle and nurturing ritual that looks after your mental and physical wellbeing. Healing work can be applied to physical sickness, emotional trauma, Mental wellbeing and ailments. Remote healing with reiki, shamanic healing may be added to this spell to support your during the process. 

Love Attraction - Love Attraction spells are a beautiful ritual that enhances your desires and gets you noticed. Your can be specific or non-specific.  Please add a name to the person you might be directing this towards if you want this ritual to be more specific. A first name, initials or nickname is also useable. 

Reversing - Reversing spells are a process to identify, remove and send back any bad luck and clear your energetic path. Remote healing may be provided as a support through this process. 

Cut & Clear - Cut and clear spells are used to clear away toxic attachments to old ideas and patterns brought on by the people in your life, an outlook you might have, a belief that no longer serves you, and situations that hold you back. Cut and Clear work requires that you are genuinely READY to cut ties with the past or a person in order for you to move on towards a brighter future. You can use a cut & clear ritual to prepare for a new job, a better relationship and look forward to a renewed outlook. 

Fiery Wall of Protection - Fiery Wall of Protection spells are a process to clear away any negative energy and build a strong shield of protection around yourself, home, loved ones and prevents anyone from doing physical or emotional harm. 

Please note: When you place your order, it may take a few days before your working reaches the altar because of candle services and other rituals orders before you that are finishing up. After your work completes, you should receive a report in about 2 weeks. A full working is about 3 weeks all together. 

As correspondence is mostly through email, we may need to request a phone conversation for some clarification. We will pre request via email and understand that it is not always convenient and some discretion needed when discussing spells in your daily life. We will do our best to work together however feels best.

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  • No refunds are given on spellwork unless we do not fulfil the steps outlined in the description.
  • By purchasing from our spell service you are agreeing to the work to be completed under these guidelines indicating that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a spiritual worker to perform magic on your behalf as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues. You are also acknowledging that you have an understanding of the nature of spiritual magic.
  • You will also understand the nature of how magick works and that Muses of Mystery does guarantee that the work will be performed as contracted for, that your results may vary from the results described in written testimonials posted on Muses of Mystery or any related review site.
  • Muses of Mystery are highly skilled magical workers, due to the free will of the client and actions that they may take to block or disturb the magical work being done, we can make no guarantees that the work will result in a successful outcome. You also acknowledge that spellwork is not a substitute for professional, legal or healthcare advice.
  • Muses of Mystery will not perform hexes.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact 

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