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Apr 28: Haints, Healers and Hauntings: A story of Appalachian Folklore

Apr 28: Haints, Healers and Hauntings: A story of Appalachian Folklore

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When: Sunday, 28th April, 2024

Where: Melbourne Store

Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm

Fee: $ 65.- 

The Appalachian mountains are some of the oldest formations in the world, they carry with them ancient knowledge and a complex web of folklore. Heavily influenced by the southern Baptist variant of Christianity, the Hills and Hollers of Southern Appalachia hold some of the most diverse and deeply woven dual faith practises in America. In this workshop we will be discussing the rich folkloric tapestry of the Southern Appalachian people, how Christianity blended with this instead of obliterating it like in other parts of the country, and discuss the methods used by “healers” to protect their communities from the many different cryptids and beasts that were said to roam “Gods country.”

The workshop will also feature some practical elements of Granny Witchcraft.

About the presenter - Katie 

Katie is a Modern witch who draws from ancestral practises in her craft. A resident Muse at Muses of Mystery. Katie works everyday to help others incorporate their individual crafts into their everyday lives. Having had a keen interest in the Occult and aspects of Christian/Judaic Mysticism throughout her lifetime as a practising Witch, Katie hosts a variety of workshops on blending ancient folklore practises with a thoroughly modern sensibility.

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