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A Little Book of Wicca - Frances Billinghurst

A Little Book of Wicca - Frances Billinghurst

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Wicca, modern day witchcraft, is said to be the fastest growing spiritual practice in the Western world. As an earth-centric belief system, Wicca has much to offer the world through its focus on balance and harmony, as well as the recognition of magical power that is inherent in the universe as well as within ourselves. "A Little Book of Wicca" is designed to offer a brief introduction into the practices of Wicca, what Wiccans believe, and what it actually means to be a Wiccan. This book sheds some insight into the philosophies and ethics contained within this earth-centric spiritual practice. Having been written from a Southern Hemispheric perspective, "A Little Book of Wicca" also offers a much needed starting point for seekers or those of a curious mind living south of the equator.

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