The Muses welcome you wether you are taking the first few steps along the crooked path, or if you have been traveling this path for many years.  Since 2014 Muses of Mystery has been a mainstay for the Witch community in Melbourne. A must-stop for all practitioners of witchcraft and the occult. From the High Alchemist to the Kitchen Witch. 

Our Patreon is an extension of the knowledge, expertise and experience of our team. We will be bringing you along with us over multiple videos a month, as we share our craft, workings and rituals. Our Patreon also offers a glance into exclusive content like our mystery boxes and Sabbat boxes. Unlike our workshops (which we will be making accessible through this platform in the not too distant future) our video content is produced exclusively for the Patreon and will cover an array of different paths and practises in shorter informational videos. From Hoodoo workings to Glamour magic the content will be as varied and unique as the Muses guiding you through it. 

So please, learn with us and from us, as we all walk the crooked path.